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College Preparation


Is college for me? 

Our program is geared to helping our youth understand what college is, the road to getting there, and how to obtain assistance for limiting cost. Through education, leadership, mentoring, and exposure to higher education, we aim to eliminate the fear of the unknown and increase the amount of graduates entering into college.

Life Skills Development

How can I be better? 


With our world increasingly changing, our program seeks to prepare our youth for the demands and challenges life brings. Through leadership, mentoring, and mental health practices, we aim to strengthen our youth's abilities for adaptive and positive behavior.

Career Planning

What do I want to be? 


Through the means of coaching and exposure to different careers and industries, our program's goal is to make our youth aware of the many career options they have. We strive to cultivate their natural gifts and/or talents, and show them how to use them as tools for success.

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